German Guitar Virtuoso ALEX SCHADLER

I am pleased to announce that I am working with German Guitar Virtuoso Alex Schadler (ex Love Like Blood) who has just released his debut solo album 'Temporaris'.

Check out Alex in action here:

'Freakk Phunk '

After only two weeks of posting, this video has hit over 12k views and is rising! Don't miss out! Not only will Alex be appealing to Rock and Metal genres, but also to the Progressive Rock side as he mixes various styles too, including Jazz, Blues to create a musical masterpiece. 

Tracks from the album are currently being aired on Headbangers FM (NL), Firestorm Radio (USA), Metal Head Radio (USA) as well as being reviewed by many more sites, with a competition on Music-News.

Artist: Alexander Schadler

Genre: Rock/Prog/Virtuoso




Love Like Blood

Quelle: SLW Promotions