Crystal Viper to Rockstad: Falun 2013

CRYSTAL VIPER is a female fronted Traditional Heavy Metal band from Poland, which recently released “Crimen Excepta” (AFM Records) – their 4th concept album about inquisition & witches – which won the soundcheck in the Sweden Rock Magazine with a glorious #1 position.

The band is no stranger to European festivals, and except catching them on multiple club shows, you could see them sharing stages with acts such as SLAYER, IMMORTAL, ACCEPT or MANOWAR – but their appearance at Rockstad: Falun will be their first live show in Sweden!

Cool fact: When Sabaton re-recorded the song “40:1″ with Polish lyrics, the band’s singer Marta Gabriel was the one helping Joakim from Sabaton during recordings, and was one of the guest singers along with guys from Vader, Hate and Turbo!

We are really looking forward to see Crystal Viper on a Swedish stage for their first time, in Falun 2013!
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