BL'AST!: Track From Lost LP Playing At Revolver

Today Revolver is hosting an exclusive premiere of “Tomorrow,” from infamous Santa Cruz hardcore act BL’AST!, the track pulled from a mystifying, recently discovered lost recording session from the legendary band.

Earlier this year the members of BL’AST! unearthed vintage master tapes, and upon digging into the vat, discovered an entire album’s worth of material that was never released. Additionally, the recordings were from a rare lineup in the band’s lineage, being the only recordings ever made while short-lived second guitarist William Duvall -- Neon Christ, and currently the vocalist for Alice In Chains -- was a part of the BL’AST! family. To help resurrect the deteriorated recordings, Southern Lord recruited fellow BL’AST! maniac Dave Grohl, who completely remastered/mixed the tapes at his famed 606 Studios, on the legendary Neve console as featured in the recent Grohl-produced documentary Sound City. Now fully harnessed and ready to hit the streets as Blood! -- the first BL’AST! album to see release since their 1989 Take The Manic Ride LP -- this long-lost collection of prime, influential skate/surf hardcore punk anthems will become available in North America on September 3rd on Southern Lord.

Swing by Revolver’s site and check out the public’s first sample of Blood! with the raging BL’AST! track “Tomorrow” now playing RIGHT HERE.

A teaser trailer for Blood! was also recently released via Youtube HERE.

Pre-order the CD, LP and Digital formats of Blood! via Southern Lord HERE.

Formed in 1982, BL’AST! released their debut album, The Power of Expression in 1985, scorching audiences everywhere with their unique and innovative, technical and boundary-free style of raging hardcore punk. This caught the attention of SST Records who released the band's second album, It’s In My Blood, in 1987, as well as their third LP, Take The Manic Ride in 1989. BL'AST!'s wide-eyed, ambitious approach and intense perseverance became an influence for many bands to come. Shortly after the release of Take The Manic Ride, the band broke up and their story was buried by time and dust....UNTIL NOW!

Quelle: Earsplit PR

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