The BitterSweet – neue Single “Νumbers” + Video

These are the very words with which the creator and composer of the brand-new BitterSweet tune entitled 'Numbers' describes the inspiration behind the track.

'Numbers' is a first taste of the upcoming third BitterSweet lp, bearing the title 'September'. It is the new offering of the Athenian group, an ensemble with a very important, highly-acclaimed and steady career in the alt-prog-psych Greek music scene during the last 14 years. The song is uniquely beautiful and conveys a certain sense of 'familiarity'. It is inspired by a timely issue, a very common concern in the modern world of the social media age, in this new bleak era of social distancing. Dependency on numbers and success. Alienation. Isolation. 'Numbers' has already started flying, also due to its exquisite arty video-clip, directed by Dionisis Koutsis and edited by Patroklos Skafidas. The 'Numbers' video-clip is sort of a 'frustrated dance-story' with its main protagonists being Irida Papoutsi and Chryssa Kavraki, fresh and famous from the renowned TV show 'Greece's Next Top Model'. The band also appear in shady black and white cameos.

" 'Numbers' deals with social media addiction, the obsession of views and likes polluting The Modern Man, the stress and the expectancy of success and self-fulfilment. It also talks about numerology. It is mainly sarcastic and self-critical. Dealing with numbers in an obsessive manner lies in my DNA from childhood. I'm thinking numbers. I'm breathing numbers. My life is numbers."

Nicholas Alavanos - The BitterSweet.

The BitterSweet - Numbers (Official Music Video)

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The BitterSweet - Numbers (Official Music Video)

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