FALLEN ARISE präsentieren Video zu “Embers”

FALLEN ARISE present their new official video for the song “Embers”. The track is taken from the band’s new album “Enigma” which was released on April 10, 2020

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/Bdn7DbvcGc0

Music: Gus Dibelas
Lyrics: Fiona Creaby, Vlassis K.
Video producer: Haris Kountouris, HK Visual Creations
Sound effects: Gus Dibelas, Dimitris Kazantzis

Get "Enigma" now: https://smarturl.it/enigmafallenarise

Available on Jewel Case CD, Orange / Red Marbled Vinyl (LTD. 250 copies) & Digital streaming/download format.

FALLEN ARISE comment: "We are proud to present you our new video, a video that you selected through the contest last spring. You probably chose it because you heard that we see embers more and more every day in front of us in many different ways. With this video we tried to show many of the sufferings that have plagued humanity in recent years. Covid-19, bullying, abuse of women, violence, terrorism, entanglements, fires that have recently destroyed much of the Earth and so many other natural disasters, the "burning" of the human brain also by the abuse of smartphones and social media are some of the worst phenomena we have experienced recently and we continue to see all around us, often leading us to extreme reactions. Come to think about it, all of the above leave…embers behind! 'Embers' is a creation of Haris Kountouris, one of the best up-and-coming and why not already established video makers; we just added some sound effects in order to give a live feeling and a new breath, so to speak, thus completing the whole image. Thank you once again for responding to the contest and we hope we have met your expectations. Fiona, Vlassis, Gus, Marios, Spyros, Jason."

FB: https://www.facebook.com/fallenarise/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fallen_arise_official/

Quelle: Rock Of Angels Records

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