TOEHIDER - Video aus ihrem "Ein-Song" Konzeptalbum

Das Abgefahrenste, das ihr heute hören und sehen werdet: TOEHIDER veröffentlichen Video aus ihrem "Ein-Song" Konzeptalbum.

12.08. TOEHIDER – "The Hoarder"

Das kommende "Ein-Song" Konzeptalbum:
09.09. TOEHIDER "I Have Little To No Memory of These Memories"
ONE TRACK ALBUM - total length: 00:47:47 min

Das australische Musikgenie und Multi-Instrumentalist Mike Mills präsentiert sein neues Konzept-Album "I Have Little To No Memory of These Memories".
Nur ein Track in Albumlänge (00:47:47 min).

Ein durchgeknalltes Space/Alien Abenteuer direkt aus BRAILIEN's MEGA STORAGE.

ROCKS 8.5/10: "Nobelpreis für Wahnsinn!" für das aktuelle Album.
Mike Mills says of the record: “The 45 second song is quite prevalent now, instagram/tiktok social media microcontent and all that. I have a bug in my brain that purposely wanders toward something which is the opposite of what’s popular so I thought “Hey how about doing a 47 MINUTE long song?”

The new Toehider album is one song that lasts 47 minutes and 47 seconds. It look me about 3 years to write and record it. It really came out great and it sounds like a sonic journey through the last 50 or so years of prog rock and metal. Thematically it’s a comment on remembering. Where are our memories now? Do we even need to remember that much? Or are we trying to remember too much? Are we better off forgetting? Are these memories even mine? How? The whole thing tells the story of a man, a woman, a huge bird, a dumb alien, and 2 boats that get modded to facilitate an outer-space confrontation. There’s two different endings. One on the CD, the alternate ending on vinyl. There's also an amazing animated video for a portion of the song based on Salty's characters, animated by Eleanor Evans & Giovanni Aguilar.


Toehider is a collaborative project between singer/multi-instrumentalist MIKE MILLS & graphic designer ANDREW SALTMARSH. I HAVE LITTLE TO NO MEMORY OF THESE MEMORIES is the 5th full length studio album and 22nd overall release (after a series of 12 EPs in 12 months kickstarted the project a decade ago). Since 2018, TOEHIDER have been running a successful Patreon subscription, generating hundreds of compositions and illustrations available to fans. Their Patreon was recently listed as one of Australia’s Top 10 most successful music subscriptions.

More about TOEHIDER:
After releasing their debut EP back in 2008, Toehider caught the world’s attention by releasing an impressive 12 EPs in 12 months, covering everything from up-beat pop & heavy progressive metal, to children’s audiobooks & chilled out folk, each complete with unique artwork and a 2-page comic by Brisbane illustrator Andrew Saltmarsh. After a brief respite from the studio, Mike Mills formed a live band (featuring ex-Soilwork drummer Ricky Evensand, bassist Amy Campbell & guitarist Lachlan Barclay) to take the Toehider show on the road for the first time in 2009-10, playing shows along the east coast of Australia with the likes of sleepmakeswaves & Arcane. 2011 saw the band debut their first full album To Hide Her featuring some of their catchiest material to date, as well as touring with fellow Australian prog heavyweights Unitopia on their first national tour. The band’s 2008 track ‘I Must Say Yes’ was also debuted on the triple j Breakfast with Tom & Alex during their Unearthed segment, with triple j Mornings presenter Zan Rowe posting it later as ‘the best Monday song ever.’ After a relatively dormant 2012, during which live band drummer Ricky Evensand relocated to Sweden, Toehider re-emerged in 2013 with Mike Solo on drums, touring alongside The Protomen (USA) and Devin Townsend (CAN), as well as joining TWELVE FOOT NINJA & CALIGULA’S HORSE on tour.

This momentum carried over into the successful release of their second album in 2014 What Kind Of Creature Am I? TOEHIDER toured alongside TROLDHAUGEN on the east coast to launch the first single from the album ‘Whoa’ early in the year, before continuing to tour extensively in Australia, headlining their own shows, supporting VOYAGER & Caligula’s Horse on tour, touring Tasmania with THE BEARDS and joining CLOSURE IN MOSCOW on the PROGFEST lineup. Also during 2013 & 2014, Mike Mills was ‘discovered’ online, leading to two very different scenarios: after stumbling across a clip of Mike Mills playing Bohemian Rhapsody acoustically, AYREON composer Arjen Lucassen invited him to fly to Europe to sing on his forthcoming rock opera “The Theory of Everything” alongside members of YES, DREAM THEATER & NIGHTWISH. As an early experiment in online performances, Mike Mills also inadvertently went viral with his cover of KATE BUSH’s Wuthering Heights passing 800,000 views being featured on sites such as The Huffington Post, before ultimately being removed from YouTube (the track is available on Spotify for fans to listen). However, it was the success of the AYREON release that catapulted Toehider from an underground cult act in Australia…to a worldwide cult act. The acclaim for Mike Mills vocal performance as ‘The Father’ on the record (which sold 50,000+ copies) lead to a spike in sales for the new Toehider album and invitations for Toehider to perform overseas for the first time. In 2015, Mike Mills performed Devin Townsend’s role as ‘Rage’ in the stage adaptation of Ayreon’s rock opera ‘The Theatre Equation’ across five sold out nights in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The shows were preceded by Toehider’s first ever European tour with friends The Beards, playing sold out dates across Sweden, Denmark and Germany (with drummer Ricky Evensand back on board). The band wrapped up the year with their only Australian show for 2015 at the Bird’s Robe Records 5th birthday alongside sleepmakeswaves & Troldhaugen at Manning Bar in Sydney. They also announced the release of a new EP – ‘Mainly Songs About Robots’. Featuring guest drums recorded by Dio/Black Sabbath legend Vinny Appice, the 4-track record displayed all of singer/songwriter Mike Mills’ trademark bombast and melodicism, whilst lyricizing a story of man and machine. In 2016, the group released a companion EP ‘Mainly Songs About Rowboats’ in celebration of their performance at the sold out metal cruise ‘Hell on the Bay’ in September. In November, Mike Mills announced that the ‘mark 2’ era lineup of Amy Campbell, Lachlan Barclay and Mike Solo would disband amicably, following their tour with Sydney group MENISCUS. 2017 saw Mike Mills feature on AYREON’s record “The Source” in a standout performance acclaimed by fans, alongside members of DREAM THEATER, BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME & EPICA. He returned to Europe to perform in collaboration with AYREON again at a series of sold out theatre dates, as wel as performing at Graspop Festival. Toehider returned to support the release of their third studio album ‘GOOD’ to play at ProgPower Europe festival and a number of additional dates. In 2018, Toehider launched a Patreon campaign called ’49 Songs You Must Hear Before You Die’ as a home for Mike Mills and Salty’s prolific work and content. This project continued in 2019 with further livestreaming and content, as well as a series of digital re-releases marking the 10th anniversary of the 12in12 project, with additional commentary from Mike Mills on each track. 2020 will saw the release of new album ‘I LIKE IT’ debuting at #2 on the AIR 100% Independent Charts and earning critical acclaim for its ambitious scope and execution. Mills and Saltmarsh also embarked on a marathon series of thrice weekly livestreams for fans during 2021 to entertain people stuck in lockdown during the worldwide pandemic.

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