IAmber veröffentlichen "Atomist" Musik Video

Noisy post-rock metal band IAmber proudly presents the music video for their track "Atomist," taken from their upcoming album "Mercurial Shakes".

The album is due for re-release on March 31st, 2023 via Wormholedeath.

Watch the video for "Atomist" here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWgtp9AVsvo

"Mercurial Shakes" explores recurring themes of time, life, and environmental change, which inspired the creation of the album. The writing process was intuitive, combining old and new ideas to mold the songs, recorded in two sessions in the Finnish countryside. Drawing from post-metal influences, the album's sound is diverse and ever-evolving, guided by the band's desire to cultivate its own unique sound. IAmber's soundscape captures the beauty and alternative melodies within noisy post-rock and sludgy metal, evoking images of autumn twilight, the nameless dread of existence, the dust of Pompeii, or the glow of a secret fire.

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Instagram: www.instagram.com/iamberband
Facebook: www.facebook.com/iamberband
YouTube: www.youtube.com/@iamberband
Bandcamp: iamber.bandcamp.com</br<>

Quelle: Wormholedeath

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