Neues Video von SAVAGE EXISTENCE - auf Tour mit Ross The Boss

Hier das brandneue Video, sowie die Album- und Tournews der Costa Ricaner SAVAGE EXISTENCE:


Album: 28.04. SAVAGE EXISTENCE - "Savage Existence" (The Orchard)

SAVAGE EXISTENCE - "Steady Blows to the Head"

For hard-hitting modern day metal, Savage Existence is tough to beat. And the buzz surrounding the band will only continue to grow in the coming months – starting with the release of a brand new video for the single ‘Leap of Faith,’ and then followed by the anticipated release of their self-titled sophomore effort, which will be supported by a Euro tour with Ross the Boss.

Formed in Costa Rica by Daniel Cleland (guitars) and Jesse Radford (drums), both entrepreneurs from Canada, and singer and songwriter Anton Darusso, they are joined by Daniel Ramos (bass) and Andreas Castro (guitars). In 2021, they released their debut album, ‘Animals.’

“The song ‘Leap of Faith,’ composed by Anton, is about fighting the forces of darkness in your mind, and taking a leap of faith on your future,” explains the band. “Going “all-in” if you will, and letting the fear of the unknown guide you on the straight and narrow path. ‘Leap of Faith’ is one of our most anticipated singles that we’ve been sitting on for a year, and are absolutely thrilled to get into the hands of the public. Enjoy!”

The band is also looking to hit the road with former Manowar guitarist Ross the Boss this spring. “Yes, the band will be performing ‘Leap of Faith’ along with ‘Steady Blows to the Head,’ and the focus track of the new self-titled album, ‘Standing in Flames,’ which will be released April 28 with the album itself. We will also be performing the most popular songs from the ‘Animals’ album, and if time permits, one additional track from the new self-titled album.”

“Savage Existence revisits old school groove metal with elements of American metal, death metal, and southern rock, with lyrics that speak about real life issues and relevant concerns of the modern day.”

And with the arrival of their new single/video, upcoming tour and album, rock fans worldwide will soon discover the metallic might of Savage Existence.

1. Still Life
2. Steady Blows to the Head
3. Cull
4. Dumpster Water
5. Leap of Faith
6. All on You
7. Independence Day
8. Enigma
9. Standing in Flames
10. Matricide

Savage Existence Tour Dates for ROSS THE BOSS (on ‘Kings of Metal 35th Anniversary’ tour) in Europe:
28.04. DE - Remchingen, No Playback Festival
29.04. BE - Vorselaar, De Dreef
30.04. DE - Lingen, Alter Schlachthof
02.05. DE - Hannover, Musikzentrum
03.05. DE - Magdeburg, Factory
04.05. DE - Kassel, Goldgrube
05.05. DE - Andernach, Andernacher Metal Days
06.05. DE - Gladbeck, Gladbeck Metal Bash Open Air
07.05. NL - Drachten, Iduna
09.05. NL - Rotterdam, Baroeg
10.05. DE - Oldenburg, Amadeus
11.05. DK - Odense, Kansas City
12.05. DE - Hademarschen, Hademarscher Hof
13.05. DE - Hamburg Neu-Wulmstorf, Metal Bash

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