LOTAN - Debütalbum heute veröffentlicht

Today, LOTAN (Leviathan) – the seven-headed dragon and the origin of chaos who began a war against the cosmic order and gods of Mesopotamia - release their debut, self-titled full-length album.

Mixing melodic black metal and black’n’roll with an aggressive overtone, Lotan is a black metal act from Denmark formed by Phillip Kaaber and Martin Rubini (both members of the renowned Danish Viking metal act Vanir), and joined by Lasse Guldbæk, Andy Dragsberg, and Jon Schmidt.

Their aggressive, yet melodic and varied approach to the genre earned them a high amount of praise in their previously released two EPs ("Nihil Sacrum" and "Angelus Pestis", both edited in 2021) and gathered attention and anticipation for their debut album, which finally sees the light of day today.

“Lotan” is out today on digital, and LP (black vinyl, limited to 300 units) via UPRISING! Records.

The fierce new release from Lotan follows the same path as the previous two EPs, but completes them and develops the band's sound, drawing its lyrical universe from a mix between satanic spiritualism, Mesopotamian myths, and existential philosophy.

The dragon has been reborn – Lotan.

Phillip Kaaber - guitars
Martin Rubini - vocals
Lasse Guldbæk Jensen - bass
Jon Schmidt - drums
Andy Dragsberg - guitar



"Lotan" tracklist:
A1. Diabolis Victor
A2. Ignis
A3. Ashera
A4. Ishtar
B1. Servant Of Yammu
B2. The Faithless
B3. Leviathan

LOTAN "Ignis" (lyric video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKrsc6vfujM

Quelle: Uprising Records

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