TEMPLE OF DREAD - Albumankündigung & Lyric Video Premiere

German death metallers TEMPLE OF DREAD proudly announce their fifth full-length album "God Of The Godless", set for release on October 4th 2024 via Testimony Records on CD, LP and in digital formats.

Like its highly acclaimed predecessor "Beyond Acheron" (2023), "God Of The Godless" comes with a massive production courtesy of drummer Jörg Uken, who owns and runs the renowned death metal smithy Soundlodge Tonstudio, and features a cover artwork by Italian artist Paolo Girardi. There is even a return of a guest-contribution by former Morgoth, now Insidious Disease and Asinhell vocalist Marc Grewe.

Building on their brutal death metal base, TEMPLE OF DREAD also work with dark and heavy parts as well as a surprising dash of melancholia - and even some knife-tips of black metal spice. Lyrically, they continue to upgrade the genre's traditional splatter-themes by translating them into the realm of classical myth. For the lyrics of "God Of The Godless", the East Frisians continue the fruitful collaboration with their friend and word-smith, the psychologist Frank "Doc" Albers. Furthermore, the trio has decided that it is time to leave their Northern German island and go raiding the rest of the world by performing live with an extended line-up. Watch out for crushing Frisian death metal in your neighbourhood!

A lyric video for the album's opening track, "Carnage Ritual", has been unleashed now at this location: https://youtu.be/9920UxeVS-I

Guitar shredder Markus Bünnemeyer comments: “Our first single ‘Carnage Ritual’ musically goes back to the beginnings of TEMPLE OF DREAD. No compromises, no experiments - just four minutes full steam ahead! The lyrical content is just as accurate: In Greek mythology, the people of Athens were compelled by King Minos to choose seven young men and seven young women to be offered as sacrificial victims to the monster Minotaur, to be killed in retribution for the death of Minos` son… The lyrics were once again visualized by Ecuadorian director Christian Kdrumworm (k-drumworm-media) with great attention to the details of the incredible artwork by Paolo Girardi!"

With "God Of The Godless", TEMPLE OF DREAD are again pushing the benchmark for intelligent death metal brutality to a higher level!

1. Carnage Ritual
2. Spawn Of Filth
3. Black Scream
4. Sacrificial Dawn
5. God Of The Godless
6. Prophetic Misanthropy
7. Monstrosity Divine
8. Terminal Putrefaction
9. Demise Of Olympus

Jens Finger - Vocals
Markus Bünnemeyer - Guitars, Bass
Jörg Uken - Drums, Keys



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